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Here is a practical course to assist businessmen, managers and ambitious employees to succeed quickly in their occupations and to avoid problems and the wastage of time and effort through lack of knowledge of business matters. This information provided in this course is comprehensive and admirable suited to people all over the world — the problems with which this course deals are individual and world problems. This course defines the economizing problems, developing and explores its future implications.

Study Options

Paper based method by home study/correspondence/distance learning. Tutorial Support Your personal tutor role is to deal with any queries you may have. Students are welcome to telephone, fax, or email your personal tutor

Entry Requirements 

Minimum: Secondary level with understanding of simple English language

Study duration: 3 — 6 months

Assessment Method and NIU British University Diploma

Each course consists of 3 Instruction Books. At the end of each Instruction Book, there is an Assessment Test, a set of questions based on all the Chapters in that Instruction Book. We ask you to submit the answers to the Assessment Test to us. The answer to the Test Paper will carefully read and mark by qualified external examiners. You will surprise by the quick progress you make. When you have successfully completed the Assessment Tests and passed the Final Test, a prestigious NIU British University Diploma will award to you for a brighter future.


Diploma is awarded by NIU BRITISH UNIVERSITY.

Diploma in Business Economics: Syllabus
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