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Recognition & Accreditation     

NIU is inspiring acknowledgment and confidence as a recognized Associate Member of AAOU.

AAOU – a Recognized Open Universities Association

NIU is a recognized Associate Member of AAOU.  AAOU is a non-profit association of autonomous legally established institutions of high learning concerned with education at a distance.

Recognition & Accreditation: Faculty

Advisory Council

Recognition & Accreditation: Classes
Female Lecturer


Dr. R.  Hempfing 

(Lawyer)., BA(Law)., MBA., PhD

Deputy President

Dr. G.N. Hemperdick


Director General

Dr. E.C Kow 


Assistant Director General

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hamdan Jalaludin


Director of Studies

Dr. Clement Vun


Legal Advisor cum Assistant Director of Studies

Prof. Dr. Subramani a/l Rengasamy

Bachelor of Jurisprudence,

MBA(Law of Tort).,

PhD(Employment Law)

Council members

Dr. Nyumun Simon 

Dr. T. Chalasika, PhD

James Kasol

Susan Peters

Dr. Alphasos Ameida

Amen Talib, BBA 

Dato Yusoff

Dr. Hamdan Jalaludin

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