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Accredited NIU British Professional Diplomas Courses by Home Study are as follows:

NIU takes pride in offering a syllabus that is challenging, yet rewarding.

Stores Management & Stock Control

Production & Materials Management

Business Management/Administration

Modern Management/Administration

Personnel Management

Office Management / Administration

Business English & Correspondence

Public Relations & Publicity

Business Economics

Business Law

Financial Accounting

Accounting & Finance

Personnel Secretarial Duties

Professional Teaching

Property Management


Principles of Banking

Logistics Management

Purchasing Management

Internet Supply Chain Management

Customer Service

Human Resource Management

Marketing & Sales Management

Top Salesmanship

Construction & Materials Management

NIU British Diploma: Syllabus

Dream. Challenge. Succeed

Diploma in Accounting & Finance

Understanding of basic accounting principles and techniques

Diploma in Banking

Understanding of consumer bank operations

Diploma in Business Economics

Recipe for Success

Diploma in Business Law

Understanding of basic knowledge of laws

Diploma in Modern Management

Understanding of the principle of management

Diploma in Public Relation

Understanding of the evolution of public relation

Diploma in Purchasing Management

Understanding of the purchasing and sourcing management

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NIU British Diploma: Classes
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